Watch: Dr Tumi states he is not homophobic

Watch: Dr Tumi states he is not homophobic

South African performer, has allegedly been marked a homophobe and he isn’t having it with savages.

Gossipy tidbits about him being explicitly pulled in to a similar sex has been all over online media and it is something which didn’t compliment him.

Dr Tumi, notwithstanding, made a video which he shared on Twitter to explain things.

As indicated by him, he emerged from his video shoot expressing he had seen a few remarks before in the day and he felt its truly out of line to compose things like that just to discolor somebody’s picture.

“There’s something that has been annoying me and I idea I should take some break and address since it’s simply a misguided judgment and an untruth that I feel ought not go on … I don’t need individuals to have some unacceptable impression… Right from the beginning I simply need you to realize that I am not homophobic. I genuinely have no motivation to despise anybody, I don’t abhor or oppress anybody… ”

As per him, he realizes the individuals who are behind the bits of gossip and he made it clear they know reality with regards to his position on homosexuality and that was sufficient for him.

“What’s more, I realize that that untruth depended on something that was false and really the individuals who were engaged with that know the genuine truth and they don’t have an issue (with me). I was so disheartened by it, seeing a couple of remarks about it today since I don’t care for separation or when individuals are dealt with gravely… “.

Dr Tumi reasoned that as a man of Go, he is unquestionably following and making the wisest decision and he has regard and love for each individual in spite of their affection race or sexual direction that everybody ought to comprehend that about him.

Watch the video beneath: