Vigro Deep Mocks Focalistic & Davido’s “Ke Star Remix”


Vigro Deep Mocks Focalistic & Davido’s “Ke Star Remix”

Vigro Deep isn̵;t concealing his emotions about the new remix of his hit tune with Focalistic which highlighted Nigerian hotshot, Davido.

Issue began when Focalistic uncovered that he will dropping the Remix of “Ke Star” including Davido while barring Vigro Deep. Vigro Deep felt awful about this and went to his online media page to get down on the rapper.

Understanding his slip-up, Focalistic proceeded to add Vigro profound one of the included craftsmen however Vigro Deep isn’t taking any of that, as he went without in advancing the new remix yet was seen on twitter by implication ridiculing the melody.

See his tweet beneath.


It isn’t clear if the connection between Vigro Deep and Focalistic can be savaged yet from all signs, Vigro Deep is taking this fight to an unheard of level considering the way that he made Focalistic who he presently is.