Trippie Redd Claims He Had No Idea Drake Was Dissing Kanye On “Treachery”


Trippie Redd Claims He Had No Idea Drake Was Dissing Kanye On “Treachery”

Trippie Redd isn’t attempting to get in Drake and Ye’s meat.

Trippie Redd dropped his new undertaking Trip At Knight last week and keeping in mind that the collection contains some intriguing sounds, the vast majority are discussing Drake’s stanza on “Treachery.” Based on the verses “This load of imbeciles I’m beefin’ that I scarcely know/Forty-five, 44 (copied out), let it go/Ye ain’t changin’ poo, it’s settled forever,” apparently like Drake was going after Kanye West and Pusha T. Indeed, the stanza incited an unusual response from Kanye, who released Drake’s location in the wake of sending a threatening message.

Since that time, Kanye has delivered his new undertaking DONDA while Drake outfits to deliver his collection one week from now. Fans are standing by persistently for Certified Lover Boy and they are seeing Drake’s “Treachery” refrain as an indication of what might be on the horizon.

Concerning Trippie, he has been pushed into the center of a fight he steers clear of. This previous week, the craftsman was on Big Boy’s public broadcast where he was gotten some information about Drake’s stanza and regardless of whether he realized it was a diss. Trippie moves through the inquiry delightfully as he says he suspected Drake was discussing weapons when he said “44” and “45.”

Huge Boy preferred the appropriate response and surprisingly prodded Trippie for avoiding the inquiry with such accuracy. Obviously, Trippie isn’t attempting to engage in something that has never and won’t ever really concern him.