Travis Scott and Kid Cudi’s Album “The Scotts” Is Still Happening


Travis Scott and Kid Cudi’s Album “The Scotts” Is Still Happening

Child Cudi talks on “The Scotts” collab without precedent for months, telling fans that it’s most certainly occurring.

There are a lot of joint efforts that the hip bounce local area has been looking out for quite a while. Ostensibly one of the greatest expected reputed projects is Travis Scott and Kid Cudi’s THE SCOTTS which has been discussed since the two delivered a track with a similar name back in 2020.

In August of last year, Scott affirmed the venture in a meeting with GQ. While he didn’t give many subtleties regarding what he and Cudi have coming up, he said that it’s, “a great deal. Some fireness!”

The rapper likewise apparently played an unreleased track by the pair, which was portrayed by the creator as, “the coolest thing he’s heard.”

Subsequent to setting aside some effort to zero in on different activities (like his impending Netflix series, and the as of late delivered Man on the Moon III: The Chosen), Cudi has at long last tended to fan inquiries concerning the enchantment he’s been making with his Houston companion.

“Is The Scott’s collection still underway?” somebody asked the rapper by means of Twitter. “It’ll occur. Not certain when, but rather it will,” he reacted.

Scott has likewise hushed up with regards to his work with Cudi, in spite of the fact that he has been advancing his impending performance project, Utopia, every now and again.

Who might you want to see highlighted on THE SCOTTS collection?