Top 5 Music Videos With Cameos From UFC Stars


Top 5 Music Videos With Cameos From UFC Stars
Top 5 Music Videos With Cameos From UFC Stars

Top 5 Music Videos With Cameos From UFC Stars

One of the reasons fans can’t get enough of the UFC is the boxing predictions tonight showing up on their feeds all of the time. In addition, the flashy entrances by favorites, filled with song and dance, make the fight irresistible. But what if the same UFC fighters could star in music videos? Quite a few UFC celebs have had guest appearances in music, bringing a taste of the UFC to the music world.

So, what are the best music videos that feature UFC champions? Did you already watch these music videos and miss some of UFC’s most remarkable making appearances in them? Let’s find out.

5. Genki Sudo in “Have a Nice Day.”

When I first watched “Have a Nice Day,” I couldn’t care less for World Order’s characteristic robotic walk and almost clicked away. But then the chorus came, and before I knew it, I was bopping my head and swaying my 1/4GB waist as if my life depended on it.

The video features Genki Sudo, a former UFC fighter and leader of the band World Order. Genki started his band in 2009 after retiring from MMA. His signature flowing and intricate movement style takes the video to the next level.

If you love this video with over 60 million Youtube views from its two versions, you’ll also like the band’s 30+ other music videos.

Sudo’s group has over 700,000 Youtube subscribers and 200 million views, proving he’s just as entertaining to watch in music videos as in the octagon.

4. Cezar Ferreira and Vitor Belfort in “Im Down”

The Almost’s music video “I’m Down” stars UFC fighters Cezar Ferreira and Vitor Belfort inside an old-school boxing ring. The classic black-and-white backdrop and slow-motion sweat drops give the footage a timeless feel.

Cezar Ferreira is a former Brazil Middleweight Tournament champion and presently fights in the light heavyweight division.

Vitor Belfort has a more-decorated career with championship titles in a Heavyweight tournament, Light Heavyweight, and Cage Rage World.

The two UFC stars spar in the ring while the song plays, and the video’s power-packed energy perfectly matches the music.

3. Josh Koscheck in “I Get It.”

After 10 years of appearing in their music videos, Chevelle decided to go a different route for their song “I Get It.” The band chose to feature UFC fighter Josh Koscheck in their music video in 2009.

Though not as popular as their other releases, the song still went gold in the US for selling 500K+ units.

The music video shows Koscheck tattooing a bullying boss with the words “Mr Perfect” on the head. Koscheck shows his acting prowess in the video, portraying a character that serves justice to a mistreating boss.

The video is filled with classic rock elements, and it’s impressive to see Koscheck fitting right in with the music video.

2. Alistair Overeem in “Sexy and I Know It.”

If you were at least five in 2011, chances are you’ve come across the infectious sexiness of this LMFAO chart-topping masterpiece.

“Sexy and I Know It” hugely impacted pop culture, with its multi-platinum sales and being number one in several nations. That’s why it was no surprise that Alistair Overeem couldn’t pass the chance to appear in the energy-filled track.

Overeem is a force to be reckoned with, having won a title in K-1 World Grand Prix, Strikeforce Heavyweight, and Dream Heavyweight Championships. He was the first fighter to have a K-1 and MMA title concurrently.

1. Urijah Faber in Pharell’s “Happy.”

Pharrell has several timeless hits, but nothing stands out more than his song “Happy.” The song has sold over 15 million copies, peaking at number one on dozens of charts.

It’s one of the 100 biggest songs in the US (all-time chart) and boasts a multi-platinum status in over 10 countries. The music video has over 1.1 Billion Youtube views as of press time.

Urijah Faber stars in the clip alongside his sister, Michaela. Faber boasts one of the best UFC careers with an undeniable impact in the World’s Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) category. He has the most successful and consecutive WEC defenses (five).

Faber’s energy and enthusiasm in the video and Pharrell’s hot beat make it one of the most memorable music videos today.


While Faber’s appearance in Pharell’s Happy is the most-watched video with UFC stars, I can get enough of the infectiousness of Sudo’s World Order. You don’t want to miss out on the “nice day” the techno band wishes you. But, if that isn’t your cup of joe, allow yourself to feel sexy with Overeem and LMFAO.