Thembisa Mdoda Reveals That Her Mother Has Given Birth


Thembisa Mdoda Reveals That Her Mother Has Given Birth

TV moderator Thembisa Nxumalo, has made a stunning declaration by uncovering that she conceived an offspring a couple of months back.

The declaration was made on Instagram, where she uncovered her baby blues body. The entertainer stayed quiet about her pregnancy and her post left numerous fans shooketh to the center while complimenting her.

Thembisa’s baby blues body looks path better than you would envision and she said she is getting into the mood of working out routinely, yaass yummy mama go get them.

“A couple of months baby blues. Attempting to get once more into the cadence of working out regularly❤️. Face actually has scarring from skin inflammation, and the most exceedingly awful response to awful make-up. 38 and living,” she composed.

Thembisa didn’t uncover further subtleties encompassing her infant. The Unmarried entertainer as of late uncovered her man and talked about how they met.

“I think we met at the specific ideal time, you realize when everything was simply meeting up. That is frightening since I resembled: ‘I’m zeroing in on my profession and my children’s and afterward it simply occurred. You know when it just hits you and you resemble: ‘gracious cr*p’. Yet, he’s an unbelievable and stunning individual and he sweethearts truly well,” she said

The entertainer who additionally kept her present marriage hidden was recently connected to Atandwa Kani. The pair split after Atandwa made a stunning revelation that Thembisa’s twin young men were not his subsequent to raising them together.

Atandwa said they met in 2004 and their relationship was here and there at that point. He said they proceeded onward with life and discovered new accomplices. In 2011 they met again and they were seeing someone soon Thembisa disclosed to him he was pregnant.

“My prompt reaction was to demand a paternity test once the youngsters were conceived, in light of the fact that she was personally engaged with one more man at that specific time. This solicitation was met with antagonism.”

“I chose, expecting I was the dad, to do the suitable, befitting and right thing, which was to be a steady and dynamic accomplice all through her pregnancy. I would present the ‘paternity’ subject once in a while, yet would be met with a persistently developing reluctance and ill will, even to the point of being undermined I could never observe the youngsters on the off chance that I chose to go ahead with the issue.”

After years having conceived an offspring Thembisa later consented to do the paternity test and following hypotheses that she was faithless. Atandwa discovered the children were not his and they isolated.

Congrats Thembisa.

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