The 7 most underrated s*x moves


While there are some sex positions that are resounding favorites—a few have undeservedly shoddy reputations.

The reasoning behind why people turn their noses up at the following positions varies, but the good news is, they can each be a whole lot of fun if you just do a little experimenting.

When you try them out, it’s like you’re a sex scientist conducting research on what makes these seven positions explosive, aka the most fun job ever.

1. Missionary

Poor missionary. This go-to move reigns supreme when it comes to underrated sex positions, but for no good reason. Think about it: you get the eye contact, the full-body closeness, and you can even work some clitoral stimulation in there if you put your minds—and bodies—to it. The magic element is the Coital Alignment Technique (CAT), which requires whomever you’re having sex with to scoot their body up so they’re riding a little bit higher. That means they’ll have to rub their body in a downward motion at the beginning of each thrust to properly line up your parts, which translates into plenty of clitoral action for you.

2. Missionary with a pillow under your butt

Such a simple change can take missionary from, “Yeah, I guess that feels pretty good” to, “Holy hell, I’m about to propose to you because of what you’re doing to me.” Placing a pillow underneath you during missionary helps adjust the angle of your hips, which makes it easier for your partner to make consistent contact with your G-spot.

3. Grinding

It’s OK if you’ve abstained from this one, leaving it behind to fond memories of your high school years. Really, who wants to incorporate something synonymous with “humping” into their adult sex life? Still, as unsexy as its various names may be, this can be a winner because it offers up a lot of clitoral stimulation, which many women need in order to orgasm. Beyond that, if you’re the one moving against your partner, you’re in total control of the pressure and speed, which can ultimately help you feel more satisfied. Pat yourself on the back for taking your pleasure into your own hands.

4. Hand jobs

It’s not technically a sex position, but the maligned hand job is underrated enough to deserve a spot on this list. People wonder why any woman would give a hand job a shot if a man could just do it himself, and very well at that. A few points of contention: 1. Women tend to have super-soft hands, and men often do not. 2. Watching your hands explore what basically amounts to an outward manifestation of his ego is a sexual experience in and of itself. 3. The element of surprise. A guy knows what’s coming next when he’s servicing himself, but when you’re at the helm? Not so much. Next time one of your friends doubts the merits of giving a hand job, you’ll have a fitting rebuttal.

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