Swizz Beatz Reveals Kanye West Wanted To Do A VERZUZ With Drake


Swizz Beatz Reveals Kanye West Wanted To Do A VERZUZ With Drake

Swizz Beatz Reveals Kanye West Wanted To Do A VERZUZ With Drake

One week from now on Tuesday, Ja Rule and Fat Joe are having a VERZUZ fight that has fans going to and fro, theorizing what every rapper could play and who could win. The craftsman in the background of the show, Swizz Beatz and Timbaland, are on a promotion run about it and VERZUZ overall.

The pair halted by on The Angie Martinez show and discussed a lot of things. At a certain point in the discussion, Angie raised the possibility of Kanye West and Drake doing a VERZUZ together. She immediately coordinated the discussion towards Drake’s new shots at Swizz on ‘You Only Live Twice’. On the record with Ross and Wayne, Drake raps:

“Unthinkable when I think of the way these n*ggas been acting
I never did you nothing and you play like we family, huh?
Next thing, you wanna shoot me down, it can’t be love
Not sure where you was trynna send it, it can’t be up
That day you sounded like a b*tch, you fancy, huh?”

Swizz reacted that he enjoyed the tune and recognizes that rappers going at one another is the manner by which Hip-Hop began. He proceeds to say “I said how I felt, he said how he felt, I surmise we even… and he didn’t go too off the deep end in the record likewise, you know? He might have expressed numerous things, that man is a sharp craftsman.’

The fascinating part is, Swizzy proceeds to uncover that at a certain point, Kanye West needed to do a VERZUZ with Drake. It appears to be like this was in the brief time frame when Drake and Ye were cool once more, on the grounds that he proceeds to say “I think they correspondence began getting in a zone however I surrendered that to them.”

A Kanye and Drake VERZUZ in those days, or presently, or whenever in the future truth be told, is nuts. Tragically, it’s probably not going to happen on account of Drake’s issues with Ye, however Swizz as well. We can just dream.

You can look at that part of the meeting underneath.