Sneziey Msomi remembers late grandmother


Sneziey Msomi remembers late grandmother

Sneziey Msomi remembers late grandmother

Artist Sneziey Msomi uncovered that she as of late visited her late grandma’s last resting spot and took to her online media records to recall her.

The star lost her grandma in 2021.

Sneziey took to her Instagram page to break the news, posting a contacting image of their held hands in what resembled a clinic bed with her grandma’s dribble on her hand.
Indeed, its has been a year since her grandma took her final gasp, and she said in the wake of visiting her last resting place that her spirit found a sense of contentment

Sneziey said: “I went to visit my grandma lapha endlini yakhe yokugcina I returned umoya wami finds a sense of contentment 🙂 today denotes a year without herContinue resting sthandwa sami. Umzukulu kaGetty noMjey.”

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