Riky Rick advises men to find a strong woman

Riky Rick advises men to find a strong woman

Riky Rick shares a thoughtful advice to men which is actually working for him and it’s all on getting yourself a strong woman.

Flaunting snap of himself and wife in black dresses, he said:

“Do yourself a favor and find a strong woman who loves you despite your faults. Give her some babies then live the rest of your life with her. There will be struggles but if its real you will always see brighter days.”

However, Riky is also celebrating the 4th anniversary of his album “Family Values”.

“4 years ago today we released my debut studio album “Family Values”. This album will always be close to my heart because it was recorded at a time where life was pushing me to dedicate myself and with the help of my friends, family, fans, the love of my life and my children we were able to create something special. The Journey Continues…” Riky shared.

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