Pop Smoke ‘FAITH’ Album TrackList

Pop Smoke ‘FAITH’ Album Track List Revealed

Pop Smoke FAITH Album TrackList

Update: DOWNLOAD Pop Smoke FAITH Album Here

This week, on account of the rapper’s family and Steven Victor, we will hear a sophomore collection from the late Pop Smoke. The collection’s title FAITH and the cover craftsmanship got uncovered to over the most recent couple of days and presently, we have the authority track list.

There are no component recorded, which probably implies that they’re yet to. be uncovered. Of the incredible 21 tracks on the collection, we’ve heard only one, so we have of new music to anticipate. Look at the track list underneath, watch the trailer for the collection.

Pop Smoke ‘FAITH’ Album TrackList

1. ‘Coupe’
2. ‘Beat The Speaker’
3. ‘ Time’
4. ‘Genius’
5. ‘Demeanor’
6. ’30’
7. ‘Merci Beaucoup’
8. ‘Top Shotts’
9. ‘Woo Baby’
10. ‘Bout A Million’
11. ‘Good News’
12. ‘8-Ball’
13. ‘Tell the Vision’
14. ‘Back Door’
15. ‘Manslaughter’
16. ‘What’s Crackin’
17. ‘Mr. Jones’
18. ‘Spoiled’
19. ‘Brush Em’
20. ‘Try It’
21. ‘Outro’