Linda Mtoba on postpartum body – “I see flaws”

Linda Mtoba on postpartum body – “I see flaws”

Actress, opens up on her postpartum body and all she sees are flaws.

In a lengthy note shared on Instagram, the star says she’s just embracing her new body, as she feels she’s lost the s*xiness.

“I look at myself in the mirror trying to recognize my body and what it used to be, it’s gone through so many changes. Most days I look at it in awe of what it’s capable of doing and between those moments I have some where I cry cause I don’t see myself & all I see is the amount of work i have to put in to get “me” back, I see stretch marks I never had, cellulite in new parts of me, how soft my body is and not as tight as it was, I see flaws.”

“On a random day as I was looking at myself in the mirror my husband came in and nonchalantly said “hey sexy” before him seeing that I was crying. He came in and reassured me, he kissed my belly and said “this body carried & gave us the most special gift we’ve ever gotten, I love it”.
Im learning to embrace me & love me, I might take alil longer getting dressed (longer than I used too, which was long 🤣)I might cry inbetween outfit changes, but it’s all growth,” she added.

Linda welcomed a baby girl in October, 2019 and it’s been a new chapter for her.