Mick Jenkins ‘Elephant In The Room’ Album Tracklist


Mick Jenkins 'Elephant In The Room' Album Tracklist

Mick Jenkins ‘Elephant In The Room’ Album Tracklist

I’m actually playing Pieces Of A Man and The Circus like they came out as of late yet today it appears as though Mick Jenkins is prepared to push ahead with music. The Chicago rapper is back with his new single ‘Contacts’, which additionally accompanies some report about his next collection.

Fans may perceive part of the single from a video he posted on Twitter in November of last year, rapping the verses. The last form is called ‘Contacts’. Mick’s new collection is called Elephant In The Room and will be out in only half a month on October 29th. It’s 12 tracks in length with a modest bunch of elements, which you can look at beneath alongside the new tune and its video.

Mick Jenkins Elephant In The Room Album Tracklist

1. ‘The Valley of the Shadow of Death’
2. ‘Things You Could Die For If Doing While Black’ (Feat. Ben Hixon)
3. ‘Stiff Arm’ (Feat. Ayinde Cartman)
4. ‘Contacts’
5. ‘Scottie Pippen’
6. ‘Gucci Tried to Tell Me’
7. ‘D.U.I.’ (Feat. Greensllime)
8. ‘Speed Racer’
9. ‘Truffles’
10. ‘Is, This Cigarette’
11. ‘Reflection’
12. ‘Rug Burn’ (Feat. serpentwithfeet)