Mariechan Announces New Music ‘Thembalami’

Mariechan Announces New Music 'Thembalami' (Pre-Save)

Exciting news for music lovers! Mariechan is gearing up to release her highly anticipated single, ‘Thembalami,’ and it’s scheduled to make its grand debut on June 9th. The pre-save option is already up and running, allowing eager fans to secure their spot in the front row.

In a recent social media post, Mariechan not only unveiled the captivating cover art for her forthcoming song but also shed light on her ever-evolving and versatile musical style. Her words resonated with gratitude towards her dedicated supporters, who have been the driving force behind her artistic journey.

With ‘Thembalami’ on the horizon, Mariechan continues to showcase her remarkable talent and knack for creating music that captivates hearts and souls. Stay tuned for this sensational release and be part of the musical experience that sets Mariechan apart from the crowd.

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