Mampintsha delivers some life advice


Mampintsha delivers some life advice

Mampintsha delivers some life advice

Mampintsha pummels individuals reprimanding him over the gross cost of attire things sold by his material image, Original Shandis.

The rapper shared photographs of shirts, covers, pants and so on, saying his image will start deals first seven day stretch of March.

Inside about fourteen days, the performer got savaged two times; the first was the point at which he said he will charge 100k for highlighting on melodies this year.

The second time he got savaged was later, in the wake of uncovering the cost of a shirt, which is R800, with R100 for conveyance.

A few people scrutinized the nature of the things, while others hauled the vocalist for attempting to take advantage of individuals.

Because of savages and pundits, Mandla said those whining regarding any of his costs are not his objective market.

“Assuming you whine about the Price you not the objective market,” he inscribed a video where resolved the issue.

“Wena u taking advantage of us… .how could we not be the objective market wen we the ones who top off ur shows, ur costs are to much … that is an entire months staple,” Vumex responded.

“I may not really concur with the methodology, it’s a miserable truth.. regardless of whether the quality and value match actually stays to demonstrated,” Andile composed.



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