Makhadzi Announces “Auto renewal EP”

Makhadzi Announces “Auto renewal EP”

A captivating saga has unfolded between Makhadzi and Open Mic Productions as their contractual agreement reaches its end after three years. With the establishment of Makhadzi Entertainment, the situation has taken an intriguing turn, sparking a dispute that has piqued the interest of many.

Makhadzi, in a bold move, has expressed her dissatisfaction with Open Mic Productions, vehemently rejecting their claims of an auto-renewal of her three-year contract. Instead, she has announced her forthcoming album, titled “Auto Renewal EP,” which will be released under her newly launched Makhadzi Entertainment.

In a tweet, Makhadzi shared her excitement about the upcoming EP, expressing her eagerness to finally discover the true extent of her sales earnings after 15 years of hard work. She expressed gratitude to everyone who has supported her throughout her career, acknowledging that without their bookings, she would not have been able to sustain herself.

While the release date for the project has not been disclosed yet, it appears that Makhadzi is still entangled in her contractual obligations with Open Mic Productions. This is evidenced by the removal of her recent single, “Niazwifha,” featuring Fortunator & DJ Gun-Do SA, from all streaming platforms—a move that suggests a lingering connection to her previous record label.

As the saga unfolds, fans and industry observers are eagerly awaiting further updates on this enthralling turn of events. The clash between Makhadzi and Open Mic Productions has injected a sense of intrigue into the music landscape, leaving everyone curious about the ultimate outcome.

Be sure to stay tuned for more developments as the story continues to unfold, revealing the twists and turns of this captivating dispute.


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