Ludacris Releasing ‘Karma’s World’ Soundtrack to Accompany New Netflix Series


Ludacris Releasing ‘Karma’s World’ Soundtrack to Accompany New Netflix Series

Ludacris Releasing ‘Karma’s World’ Soundtrack to Accompany New Netflix Series

Ludacris has reported that he will be delivering a soundtrack called Karma’s World to go with the Netflix vivified series of a similar name.

The collection fills in as the authority ally to the energized series from Luda and delivered by Karma’s World Entertainment and 9 Story Media Group. The show, including voices from Tiffany Haddish, Danielle Brooks, Jordan Fisher, Dawnn Lewis, Dascha Polanco and Chris Bridges, makes its introduction on the decoration all through 190 nations in 21 dialects in addition to sound depiction on October 15, 2021. The soundtrack likewise delivers around the same time.

“I’m excited to be working with Universal Music Group to carry the music from Karma’s World to crowds all over,” said Ludacris. “UMG has been my accomplice on the entirety of my collections since the very beginning and it’s extremely fitting that they are with me as I disclose the music from my new energized Netflix series, which has been a source of both pain and joy for longer than 10 years and propelled by my oldest girl. As a young lady father to four girls, I am so glad for the music in this show which motivates innovative trust in kids and urges them to accept their full bona fide selves. When making music for Karma’s World, our imagination was limitless – we tried different things with country, reggae, reggaeton, pop, jazz, R&B, hip bounce, traditional thus considerably more. The series presents refined beats, amazing rhymes and straight up snappy melodies meanwhile tending to significant points and topics in every scene. The music on Karma’s World isn’t only for youngsters – I know beyond all doubt that entire families will be singing and rhyming along. Karma’s World unites individuals, recounts extraordinary stories, and gives a sound to all ages.”

Ludacris has shared the music video for the theme song ‘Welcome to Karma’s World’ performed by star and SinceThe80s/Motown recording artist Asiahn (Karma) via Netflix Futures which you can watch below. Karma’s World tells “The story of a girl finding her voice and using it to change the world.”

Last month, Luda dropped his first new song in a long time called ‘Butter.ATL.’