Lamiez reveals why she’s obsessed with sneakers


Lamiez reveals why she’s obsessed with sneakers

Lamiez reveals why she’s obsessed with sneakers

Lamiez Holworthy gives a passionate story behind why she’s fixated on tennis shoes.

The DJ said her mom couldn’t stand to get her costly things growing up as a youngster, and she challenged not make such solicitation, as an understanding kid who realizes her mom was a solitary parent.”

“I posted that I’d share why I’m so fixated on sneakers(especially Nike) and this is it. Some time ago, I realized that my mother couldn’t bear to get me costly kicks coz she was a solitary parent so I simply didn’t inquire. I was in grade4 n every one of my friends had Di Cortez Le Di Chango,” she composed.

Perceiving how she wanted to have a decent shoes yet couldn’t get it, Lamiez buckled down in other to fulfill her craving.

“As youthful as I was,I knew not2ask my mother 4anything costly. I was 10 in grade 4-I recollect my friends happening about their new kicks and I lied about having a pair(stupid right) It tormented me 4 the most significant length of time. I vowed to buckle down sufficient 2 bear the cost of any pair I’d need,” she added.

Lamiez can now manage the cost of anything she needs because of difficult work, and she purchases the tennis shoes now for her 10-year-old self.

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