L-Tido defeats COVID-19


L-Tido defeats COVID-19

L-Tido defeats COVID-19

L-Tido gives out a severe notice in the wake of beating COVID-19.

The rapper’s quiet was very apparent inside the beyond three weeks, however it was expected that he’s gotten back to his shell.

Getting back to Twitter, Tido asked individuals to not mess with the infection, as it actually exists and it’s genuine.

Subsequent to fighting and surviving, he encouraged individuals to get inoculated.

“Pls commit no error COVID is as yet around here in a genuine manner … pls get immunized. I just completely recuperated from the infection,” he composed.

Not long before he remained off social media to completely recuperate, L-Tido did a touch of good cause work, as he gave out food during the bubbly time frame.

“However much the beyond 2 years have been hard on us , we still fortunate to have a plate of food by the day’s end, so we chose to do the little we can and offered 300 chickens to the less lucky locally of Alexandra . We should share and spread love this merry season.”

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