KashCPT Announces ‘Love Letters’ Release Date

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KashCPT Announces 'Love Letters' Release Date

KashCPT, the maestro of rhythm and blues, is poised to unveil his magnum opus, ‘Love Letters,’ on June 30th. A symphonic masterpiece that transcends conventional boundaries, this debut project will orchestrate an unparalleled musical experience. Paving the way for this auditory extravaganza, KashCPT has bestowed upon us the inaugural opus, ‘Want You Back,’ featuring the ethereal vocals of Nanette.

After a harmonious hiatus, KashCPT unveils the sacred artwork and harmonious tracklist, embodying the essence of his forthcoming opus. Within these hallowed ten melodies, KashCPT summons the genius of collaborators such as FLVME, Baby S.O.N, Nanette, and Aida Love, igniting a symphony of emotions.

Within ‘Love Letters,’ KashCPT explores the myriad facets of a romantic liaison. He elegantly traverses the ethereal realm of love’s inception, the intoxicating “honeymoon phase,” before delving into the tempestuous tempos that precede the bittersweet symphony of separation.

Immerse yourself in the melodic masterpiece that is ‘Love Letters’ by KashCPT. Pre-save this opus of emotions and indulge in the harmonious cadence of ‘Want You Back’ featuring Nanette, resonating with the very essence of love’s melody.

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