Kamo Mphela inks new ambassadorship with Nike

Kamo Mphela inks new ambassadorship with Nike

appears to be not to be accomplished during the current year as she gets another amazing ambassadorship.

The star has been causing a ripple effect and her fans are truly adoring it.

Kamo took to her web-based media to tell the world that she is authoritatively a Nike represetative as she shakes Nike’s new reach.

The Amapiano star is truly heading for good things and she isn’t halting at any point in the near future.

She tweeted: “As I said how about we pattern when we packing. Nike young ladies around the world.”

Being asked which face this is, Kamo unhesitatingly reacted telling the fans that it’s the stowing one.

Kamo captioned her post on Instagram: “Dancing to me doesn’t feel like job. When you believe in your own path, in your own dreams, that’s when you truly find freedom. Self-belief, along with the support of my family, friends and team have made me what I am today. They give me the space to dream, and have guided me along my journey and have made me a boss! This is my blueprint, what I was meant to do, my calling.”