Intaba Yase Dubai Cries Out Over ‘Amagama’ Album


Intaba Yase Dubai Cries Out Over 'Amagama' Album

Intaba Yase Dubai Cries Out Over ‘Amagama’ Album

While fans are blaming Intaba Yase Dubai and Ambitiouz amusement of pulling an exposure stunt on them to advance the Amagama album, Intaba Yase Dubai has emerged to dispel any confusion.

In a post shared on his Facebook divider, Intaba Yase Dubai explained things while affirming that he has no clue about the Amagama collection as it was delivered without his assent. He additionally blamed Ambitiouz diversion for been frantic and pondered who named the tracks on the task.

“Haha, they Decided to deliver my collection. Kazi ihlelwe nini, zakhethwa ubani izingoma and ubani oyiqambe igama. 😂😂.
Ay I surrender shem.. Isono nje ukfuna imali yami sebefuna kthiwe iStunt lesi. Hello I need my Money.” – He said.

What is your take on the collection?

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