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How using a hair dryer can help cure chronic cough

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Chronic cough is a persistent and often frustrating condition that can impact one’s daily life.

While traditional treatments are available, there’s a surprising theory circulating about the potential benefits of using a hair dryer to alleviate chronic cough symptoms.

Here are some reasons behind this unconventional method, how to use a hair dryer for relief, and some alternative approaches to tackle chronic cough.

Why would a hair dryer work?

The rhinovirus, responsible for about a third of all colds, thrives in cooler temperatures, replicating most efficiently in the nose and upper throat. A hair dryer, emitting warm air, can elevate the temperature in the upper respiratory tract. This rise in temperature may inhibit rhinovirus replication temporarily. Moreover, exposing the nasal passages and throat to temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius could potentially kill the virus causing colds. Warming and drying the nasal passages with a hair dryer also have immediate benefits. It can shrink swollen nasal membranes, providing temporary relief from pain and pressure associated with chronic cough.

How to use the hair dryer

Switch on the hair dryer and direct the warm air towards the chest area for about a minute or two. Extend the process to the upper back, focusing on each area for optimal results.

Caution is crucial; seek assistance if needed. The objective is to warm up the affected areas and enhance blood circulation, which may have been compromised due to continuous coughing.

Reasons a hair dryer may not work

Despite the possibilities, there are doubts about the effectiveness of using a hair dryer as a chronic cough remedy. Several concerns include:

While a hair dryer may temporarily stop virus replication, there’s skepticism about whether the effects persist once the heat is removed.

It might be challenging and painful to heat deep enough into the nasal passages to significantly impact virus replication.
Prolonged use of a hair dryer can lead to dry skin and chafing, raising questions about its long-term feasibility as a chronic cough treatment.

​Other ways to cure chronic cough

While the hair dryer method is intriguing, it’s essential to consider alternative approaches:

Hydration: Drink plenty of fluids to soothe the throat and prevent irritation.
Humidifier use: Using a humidifier can add moisture to the air, easing dry cough symptoms.
Cough medications: Over-the-counter cough medications may provide relief.
Steam inhalation: Inhaling steam can help moisten and soothe irritated airways.
Rest and relaxation: Ensure adequate rest to allow the body to recover from persistent coughing.

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