How to use sound to heal yourself


Did you know that every thought of yours can impact your overall well-being?

Thoughts enter the body in the form of vibrations containing an electric charge that may interfere with your body system.

Sound therapy is great for healing by creating awareness about these vibrations. There is a long process of processing a vibrational thought that enters the body.

It enters through the nerves of the ear and then travels to the brain and then transmitted to the whole body.

The body responds according to the vibrations it is getting. Sound healing therapy is a great way to establish a connection between the mind and body thereby initiating healing.

Sound therapy works in levels. It begins with healing at the emotional level then mental level and then progresses towards the physical level.

Here are some tips on how you can use sound to heal yourself.

1. Do Bhramari Pranayama (Humming Bee Breath Exercise)

This breathing exercise is great for aligning the mind and body. You can practice this at any time.

Sit straight with your spine erect.

Close your eyes and use your middle fingers to close your ears.

Breathe in through your nose

Exhale while making a humming sound like a bee

Feel the vibrations in the body

Do this for 3-5 minutes.

2. Do Chanting

Chanting is more than just spiritual practice. One of the reasons behind chanting is to send positive vibrations to the entire body. This activates certain energies that make you feel a sense of positivity and calmness as you chant.

You can chant OM or AUM. Whatever suits your belief, you can chant. Try to chant for as long as possible to allow vibrations to flow in the body and reach all the parts. Chant with an open heart, free mind and open throat. The more open and loud your chant, the better healing benefits you reap.

3. Mantra Meditation

In Vedic tradition, mantras are associated with religious offerings to a deity and chanting those mantras activate the energies associated with them. However, all mantras hold the power to channel inner energies. Whichever mantra you resonate with or like, chant it. Doing so in a meditating position helps in soul awakening. All the energy blockages would get cleared and you can restore your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

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