Gail Mabalane speaks more about her struggle with Alopecia (Photo)


Gail Mabalane speaks more about how she struggled with Alopecia – Loss of hair.

The actress gets more real with fans as she shared a photo revealing how she lost her hair.

Gail decides to share her story since the month of September is Alopecia Universal Awareness Month.

“This journey inspired the birth of @ethnogenics. This is way more prevalent than we think. From receding hairlines to bald patches to hair loss that starts in the middle of the head to scalp sensitivity. We, (women especially) have just become so good at hiding it and “suffering” / fighting it in silence,” she said.

The businesswoman who now owns a hair-care brand revealed that she started losing hair three years ago.

My wish is for everyone who is experiencing hair loss to know that you are not alone. I know that the experience comes with a ton of emotions. When we work through them, we come out stronger on the other side,” she wrote.

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