DJ Envy Explains Why He Called Kanye West A “Comedian”



DJ Envy Explains Why He Called Kanye West A “Comedian”

DJ Envy duplicates down on his conviction that Kanye West is a “jokester,” further clarifying his situation on The Breakfast Club.

During the previous scene of The Breakfast Club, DJ Envy started conversation in the wake of marking Kanye West to be a “comedian,” keeping up with that his negative energy and treatment of others acquired him the unattractive name.

However he didn’t give any substantial models, he implied an episode that unfolded in the background, perhaps associated with one of the past Donda listening occasions.

“Individuals will say he’s having issues, a scene, and there’s such countless individuals around him who ought to ensure he’s OK – and they’re not,” said Envy. “That entire group and what they’re accomplishing is jokester work.”

Obviously, Envy’s hard-lined enemy of Yeezy position opened the conduits, and he continued to additional expound on his situation during this current morning’s Breakfast Club. “I considered him a comedian I actually remain by that I actually imply that,” says Envy. “Such countless individuals called me. Specialists, competitors, OGs, more current craftsmen, more youthful craftsmen. Kanye’s group. They asked me for what reason I felt as such, and I clarified why I felt as such.”

“They asked me for what good reason individuals that I named – Pusha T, John Monopoly, Free, and Bu – resembled that as well,” he proceeds. “Like I said, you empower him to do it. You don’t prevent him from doing the wild out stuff in the background that is truly discourteous. He ought to be lowered. They advised me ‘that is clearly false.’ They resembled ‘when you’re managing somebody who has passionate issues you can’t really control him.’ You do what you can to ensure things are okay.”

“They said they concur that a portion of the things he does is foul, however they can’t handle that man,” says Envy. “I called them jokesters too. Also, I called Pusha T yesterday, I called Free yesterday. I addressed Bu yesterday, and we had an extraordinary discussion. They mentioned to me how they’re doing help that circumstance, and to those siblings, I get it. Me considering you a comedian was foul. Yet, I actually think Kanye is a clown…The poop he on is clownish. I actually like the Yeezys however.”

Look at Envy’s breakdown of his Kanye West position beneath, and should you be fascinated by the collection that started the conversation in any case – stream Donda here.