Coronavirus Testing Site Rejects Candace Owens For “Spreading Misinformation”


Coronavirus Testing Site Rejects Candace Owens For “Spreading Misinformation”

Candace Owens says she was dismissed from a private COVID-19 testing site for “spreading falsehood.”

Candace Owens says that a COVID-19 testing site would not serve her since she has “attempted to exacerbate this pandemic.” The traditional savant shared a screen capture of an email sent from the proprietor of the testing site.

“We can’t uphold any individual who has favorable to effectively attempted to exacerbate this pandemic by spreading deception, politicizing and DISCOURAGING the wearing of veils and effectively preventing individuals from getting life-saving inoculations,” the proprietor wrote in the email. “My group and myself have stayed at work longer than required, to depletion, neglected and came up short on this previous year, spending our own cash-flow to guarantee that our local area stays secured. It is unreasonable to them and to the penances we have all made for the current year to serve you.”

Owens has been a noticeable voice in minimizing the COVID-19 pandemic, saying that the losses of life are swelled, communicating immunization doubt, and then some.

“So I am presently not permitted to follow Coronavirus measures and dependably test myself for Covid in light of the fact that… they don’t care for my legislative issues in Aspen,” said in her post.

She added: “Thanks @rocky_mountain_labs for cooperating with a maniacal radical dissident named Suzanna Lee to guard your local area—from the individuals who put stock in clinical opportunity. This pandemic is so genuine thus destructive, that Covid offices are currently googling the names of individuals who book Covid tests to guarantee they vote in favor of Biden.”

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