Cassper Nyovest on why Nota lacks guts to step in the ring with him


Cassper Nyovest on why Nota lacks guts to step in the ring with him

Cassper Nyovest on why Nota lacks guts to step in the ring with him

Cassper Nyovest has taken to his Twitter to uncover why Nota needs guts to confront him in the ring.

The star as of late taken out Slik Talk who talked negative things about him and he is prepared to do exactly the same thing with Nota as that is the best way to quiet him down.

Nota is the most current on Nyovest’s case.

The music magnate has taken a swipe on Cass after it was claimed that the rapper is being associated with a circle of drama including his child mother and Andile Mpisane.

Nota took to Twitter and referenced that Cassper isn’t prepared to take care of business and he able to bring his kid up in a messed up family.

“You not entirely settled to bring your children up in broken homes… You simply don’t have any desire to have utilitarian families. I realized the kid wasn’t prepared to take care of business when he transformed his home into a burrow rather than a spot to bring up a child. Possibly where it counts he didn’t know it’s his. Time to grow up!” Tweeted NOTA.

Cassper’s supporters on the course of events rushed to propose that the rapper should settle this for the last time in a bout.

“Could a fight of @casspernyovest and @lavidaNOTA after this one with naqmusic I actually don’t really accept that @lavidaNOTA thumped tf out boity.”

The rapper reacted to why Nota won’t consent to confront him in a boxing, and he even positioned a proposal of R100K for NOTA to venture into the ring with him.

In contrast to Slik Talk. Nota doesn’t have the guts to step in the ring. He could never under any circumstance. He favors tweeting. I would take him out. Infact lemme put it like this. NOTA , ILL GIVE YOU 100 k to step in the ring with me. Then, at that point, you’ll have 300k in your investment funds. Whenever, I am down! Tweeted Cassper.

Cassper is prepared 100% of the time to confront anybody in the boxing ring, yet NOTA has one more thought on how him and Cassper can settle their meat.

Reacting to one Twitter client who encouraged NOTA to get into a battle with Cassper, Baloyi recommended that him and Cassper should confront each other in a rap fight. “Nota take the battle! These are the battles we need! Steered in Beef” “Probably not. Rap fight!” NOTA reacted.

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