Busta 929 Teases Tracks From “Undisputed Vol. 3″ Album


Busta 929 Teases Tracks From “Undisputed Vol. 3

Busta 929 Undisputed Vol. 3 Album

Best SA Music craftsman, Busta 929 will be delivering his hotly anticipated “Undisputed Vol. 3” on the 25th of February 2022. To advance the undertaking, he prods us with these astounding tracks and folks, we can hardly wait to see what is to come on the total collection.

1. Busta 929 – ldlozi ft. Xavi Yentin

Busta 929 is a maker that can never be enclosed to one corner as his sounds are continually developing. “ldlozi” is one of the track that came to the impending collection and this one is an unadulterated appearance of his specialty and imaginativeness. The melody offers a remarkable vibe and vocal conveyance made conceivable by Xavi Yentin.

2. Busta 929 – Uthando ft. Xavi Yentin

Once more, Busta 929 prodded one more wizardry with Xavi Yenti through “uThando”. The unreleased tune which came to Busta’s forthcoming Undisputed Vol 3 collection showed unparalleled enthusiastic association.

3. Busta 929 – Wena Wedwa ft. Zwesh SA, Dinky Kunene and Boontle RSA

Arising maker and expert pluckers of heartstrings, Busta 929 showcase transcendence in this Zwesh SA, Dinky Kunene and Boontle RSA-helped single called “Wena Wedwa”. Partake in the secret underneath.

4. Busta 929 – Siyajola ft. All-powerful and Lolo SA

“Siyajola” is a secret that features Busta’s unmistakable section that is all around cleaned and energizes the right detects. The tune has vocals conveyed by Almighty SA and Lolo.

5. Busta 929 – Enkwarini ft. Lolo SA

Busta 929 powers Listeners to lose themselves in this passionate filled tune called “Enkwarini”.

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