Bursted! Tshepi Vundla hauled for ‘broke young ladies’ remark


Bursted! Tshepi Vundla hauled for 'broke young ladies' remark

Bursted! Tshepi Vundla hauled for ‘broke young ladies’ remark

Tshepi Vundla is enduring an onslaught as many have hauled her for her “annoying” remark about ladies who anxiously need men to do stuff for them.The star spread the word about the remark on Mac G’s webcast On The Table which is facilitated by Tshepi Mabs, DJ Black Velvet, a lady who names herself church young lady and the Ghost Lady.The socialite who is presently in a ‘tank en sit’ relationship with her child daddy rapper JR, saw mocks coordinated at her when she offered a couple of hostile remarks about broke ladies.

On the season finale they talked about different themes yet the one which raised a ruckus when they addressed the SBWL pattern which has been promoted for the most part by ladies. SBWL is an abbreviation for sayibaweli which is a Xhosa word for ‘desiring.’

Presently, the women slammed ladies who continually SBWL things and anticipate that men should give these things to them.

Then, at that point Tshepi inquired as to for what reason can’t these ladies who consistently sbwl baecations and the most recent iPhones simply request that their folks improve yet do it for themselves.

“Where are your folks, wouldn’t you be able to purchase these things for yourself, however you anticipate that men should do these things for you.”

The Ghost Lady added that the most exceedingly terrible ones are the people who SBWL KFC, and the board snickered.

Then, at that point the DJ, who passes by the name Black Velvet encouraged men to flee from broke ladies, “I actually keep up with folks flee, run as quick as possible from a broke young lady that is continually needing cash from you yet can’t put sh*t on the table.”