DJ Akademiks went at Meek Mill during his latest Twitch live stream, demanding that the Philadelphia rapper release new music and stop waiting for features. Later in the stream, he fell asleep while listening to Drake’s new albumCertified Lover Boy.

“Meek Mills stop waiting for 20 n****s to give you a feature to drop an album,” Akademiks said in front of his audience. “Drake ain’t drop a single before dropping an album. Are you going drop a song with you and Uzi? Oh wait, we like Uzi, we don’t like you. You gonna drop a song with you and Durk and Baby? What about dropping a song with just you? Why not? My favorite rapper don’t need another n*gga to make his song go lit. You know what he do, he get on a song and he do it himself.”

Akademiks proceeded to request Mill quits utilizing highlights through and through for his next collection: “Docile quit utilizing highlights, what amount would you like to wager until you get a Drake or Roddy Ricch include … you can’t drop a collection. You can’t drop a solitary without an element … You talking all that group sh*t … [Drake] been giving you boost bundles, yet he needn’t bother with you. You a n***a who ain’t lit no more. You a 35 year old n***a attempting to rap like he’s 17.”

Recently, Mill named Akademiks a “bum ass n***a.”

Look at the clasp from Akademiks’ stream underneath.