Big Sean Says He Contemplated Suicide with Gun in His Hand


Sean Says He Considered Self destruction with Weapon in His Grasp

Big Sean has conceded in the past that he experienced an intense period of sadness.

“I don’t feel like this presently, however I had never experienced needing to commit suicide, abandon my life until the previous few years and I didn’t understand that it was so critical to accept the ups n downs of life and appreciate finding a way to better it,” Sean composed on Twitter at the hour of arrival of his most recent collection Detroit 2. “it’s !”

Sean uncovered already in 2019 after a break from the public eye that he experienced a troublesome period the year prior to that around his 30th birthday celebration. “I wasn’t feeling like myself and I was unable to sort out why,” he said on Instagram. “I just felt lost – and I don’t have the foggiest idea I arrived.”

Presently in another meeting with Dr. Michael Eric Dyson for his new arrangement debuting on Facebook Watch called One Question, One Mike, the Detroit rapper further went into insights regarding how profound he was into the dull spot. He said that he pondered self destruction commonly, frequently with firearms in his grasp.

“I without a doubt thought about self destruction ordinarily, having firearms in my grasp and truly… feeling it, seriously,” he told Dr. Dyson. “Not in any event, attempting to be sensational. Arranging it out to where I said, ‘On the off chance that I do commit suicide, in any event my family will get this measure of cash. I’d have done this generally.’ All these things. Since I just was worried and unsettled and I understood that I need to quit all that I’m doing and sort this out or Ima fall to pieces.”

He recently implied the equivalent on his melody ‘Profound Reverence’ highlighting from Detroit 2.