Anele Mdoda drags The Weekend over GRAMMY snub

Anele Mdoda drags The Weekend over GRAMMY snub

South African TV character, gets down on Canadian rapper, The Weekend over GRAMMY 2021 censure.

Full rundown of candidates for the renowned honor was delivered for the current week, and the same number of performers over the globe acknowledged being named, the artist took to online media to discuss how degenerate the GRAMMY is.

The explanation for his admission is on the grounds that he wasn’t assigned in spite of dropping tunes which went worldwide.

“The Grammys stay degenerate. You owe me, my fans and the business straightforwardness,” he tweeted.

“Cooperatively arranging a presentation for quite a long time to not being welcomed? As I would see it zero assignments = no doubt about it!” he added.

The Weekend turns out to be harmed by the scorn and a portion of his fans have attempted to make him quiet.

Taking to Twitter, Anele said he should quit acting like he is the first to be scorned. “Workmanship is precarious. Continue doing your specialty,” she added.