AKA to K.O – “My idol amongst idols”

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AKA to K.O – “My idol amongst idols”
AKA to K.O – “My idol amongst idols”

AKA sings the praises of K.O loudly after talking about the positions of their songs, Sete and Lemons(Lemonade) on music charts.

Taking to online entertainment, Kiernan Forbes salutes Mr Money Time as his single got guaranteed platinum in under a month.

“An outright creature. An expert of re-development. My golden calf among icons. @mrcashtime … I’ve been pursuing your level for north of 10 years at this point. Your endurance is stunning … congrats,” Otherwise known as composed.

K.O who was shocked by the commendation additionally asserted Otherwise known as is his godlike object.

“Hold up! Getting blossoms from

one of MY godlike objects well that is unique. Lords knight rulers. FYI you’re one reason I can’t stand to slack large dawg! More love and light to all of you. Tankie ndade,” The Sete hitmaker composed.