Actress Vatiswa Ndara details how a friend raped her


Vatiswa Ndara opened up on how she was deceived and raped by a friend.

In her book, Unfiltered the actress detailed the rape ordeal which happened in 2006 when she was 35 years old.

Vatiswa says she opened the case in 2019 at the Rosebank Police Station in Johannesburg

“I didn’t have money for a cab and I couldn’t find anyone to give me a lift. I called a friend to see If he could give me a lift home. Indeed, he came and picked me up. He fetched me, but I noticed as we drove off that he took a route that was not headed to where I lived. When I asked him about it, he said he wanted to go home,” she wrote.

The 52-year-old assumed he was going to check up on his pregnant wife.

“He came back to invite me in and when I entered, I noticed that it was quiet and dimly lit. I asked him where his wife was, and he told me she had gone home to her family.”

“A violation of my physical form and a violation of my spirit; where I would experience humiliation in its highest form.” She says he knew of all her hardships and work challenges. “After raping me, the monster I saw before still had to take me home,” she says.

The actress confronted him and he apologised, but the police didn’t arrest him despite following up on the case.

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