8 hair mistakes that will age you


No woman wants to look older than their age. Most will do anything to remove a few years from their age.

You can do all the necessary facial routines you want but when it comes to looking ten years younger or older, your hair is what makes the distinction.

It is your hair that people notice first when they meet you. Unfortunately, there are some hair habits that will make a 25-year-old look 50.

In other words, your hair cut, colour or style may not be doing you any favour in matters of youthfulness.

1. Wrong hair cut: The short hair cut is in vogue and many women are wearing it. It actually makes one look younger. However, if you have healthy and thick hair, there is no need of chopping it to make you age appropriate. If you must go short then keep it a bit shaggy for a modern look. Otherwise, you will look older. Very straight, severe hair cuts that don’t suit your face will probably add years to your look. Your hair cut should always softly frame your face.

2. Fear to lighten up: Insisting on jet black hair could be aging you. When your hair is very black and your scalp light, your thinning hair is more visible. This casts shadows on your skin making the wrinkles more prominent. You should always have your hair at least two shades lighter than your natural hair colour using permanent dye or highlights.

3. Monotone hair colour: If your hair is one solid colour whether black, blonde, red, whatever the colour, it will make you look older. Monotone looks like a wig or a helmet, and that definitely ages you. Colour different sections of your hair different amounts of the same colour to give it dimension. Highlights are also another option to keep your hair away from monotone. For highlights, the warmer the shade, the younger you look. Cool colour is not youthful.

4. Grey hair: Many women fear grey hair yet some get them as early as age 18 depending on your genes. But grey hair does not always have to add you ten years. Always keep the colour vibrant. The silver strands can be dull but there are hair products that contain shine enhancers. Grey hair can actually be youthful when cut and styled the right way. At the same time, silvery hair popping out from a woman’s hairline ages her fast. Always conceal it.

5. Extreme cut: A bold cut can be equated to overdoing your make-up. Your hair style should evolve without you becoming a slave to trends. Your hair cut should speak your age. Do not overdo it.

6. Bangs: These can either make you look younger or older depending on your face shape and whether the bang is full or thin. You should test them first before wearing them. Stand in front of a mirror and put your hand over your forehead. Take your hand away then decide which look you prefer. Thin bangs age you. Ensure the bang is full and reaches your eyebrows. Otherwise, go for a side-swept fringe.

7. Dated look: I know of women who have maintained the same hair style for the last ten years, what we commonly refer to as signature look. If you are one of them then it is time for a change. Your style may have been in vogue when you first wore it but now it is stale and old-fashioned. If your look is however, timeless and classic and you wear it well, you can keep it. Get an honest opinion from your hair stylist.

8.Split ends: These make your hair look frizzy and damaged. End result? You look older. Keep them away by trimming your hair every six to eight weeks.

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