5 worst breakfast items that can spoil your whole day

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Morning time is super important for everyone. It is the beginning of a new day on which our whole day depends.

This is the real reason why people often try to start their day on a good note.

A good breakfast is very important to start a good day.  If you eat something healthy, it keeps you full of energy throughout the day, but on the contrary, if you start your day with unhealthy foods, it can spoil your entire day.

Thus, it becomes important to know which foods you should start your day with and which should not. Here is a list of some foods, which are not at all right to start your day with.

1. Fruit juice

Most people believe that fruit juice is a great option to start the day. However, this is not completely correct. Actually, fruit juice does not contain fibre, due to which drinking it first thing in the morning can increase your blood sugar level. Thus, it can be especially harmful for people suffering from diabetes and metabolic disorders. Experts suggest that instead of fruit juice, you should start the day with lemon water, cucumber juice, sattu etc.

2. Pancakes and waffles

Often, people look for options for breakfast, which are quick to prepare and convenient. Pancakes and waffles are one of these options, which many people like to eat for breakfast. However, this is also not a good choice to start your day. Eating these early in the morning can give you cravings to eat unhealthy foods throughout the day, which can reduce your energy.

3. Tea

Many people start their day with a cup of tea. People have such a habit of drinking tea in the morning that sometimes they start feeling uncomfortable without it. However, tea is quite a bad way to start the day. Drinking it in the morning causes many harm to health. Due to this, you may have problems like acidity, stomach burning, and it can also increase blood sugar.

4. Breakfast cereals

Breakfast cereal is a part of many people’s morning. People believe that it is a healthy option for breakfast. However, this is not completely true. Its high sugar content and lack of fibre make it a poor choice to start your morning.

5. Coffee

If you are also one of those people who starts their day with a cup of coffee, then change this habit of yours immediately. Drinking coffee first thing in the morning can increase cortisol levels, which will negatively impact hormonal balance, increase blood pressure, and cause many other problems. Experts suggest that instead of drinking coffee as soon as you wake up in the morning, try to drink it after breakfast.

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