5 signs you just had pity s*x!


Do you sometimes feel your partner is having sex just for the sake of it, only to not let you down? That’s a sign of pity sex.

This happens when a person doesn’t really have a longing for sexual pleasure but does it anyway, mostly just so that their partner doesn’t feel bad.

Sometimes this can be characterised by the lack of interest your partner has in the relationship, or specifically towards sex.

If you are confused about this, then here are some signs you just had pity sex!

1. Your partner never initiates sex

If it is always you who is eager to have sex and not your partner, then it can be quite concerning. Chances are that your partner shows interest only so that you don’t feel bad. And if you are the one who is always making the first move, then it’s indicating pity sex.

2. Your partner wants to get done with sex

Every time you both have sex, your partner shows how they just want to get done with it. This is because they are either dissatisfied or aren’t invested in sex as they were before. They just want to be done with it as soon as possible and get on with doing their work or anything else.

3. Your partner is distracted

If your partner is constantly spacing out during sex, then it’s a sign they aren’t really interested. They are just doing it for the sake of it. Their mind is preoccupied with several other things because they aren’t enjoying the sex as much as they would want to.

4. Your partner doesn’t like too much touching

If your partner gets irked, every time you try to be touchy with them, then it’s a sign they aren’t into you. Touching, kissing, hugging etc. are forms of a healthy physical relationship but if that’s becoming a problem then you need to have a word with your partner very soon.

5. Your partner shows signs of guilt

If every time you try to make a move on your partner, they smile half-heartedly and get on with it, it’s an indication that you both are just having pity sex. If you know your partner well, then you may even detect signs that they feel guilty about not reciprocating the same kind of affection and desire.

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