5 jobs you can do as a college student

From tuition to meals and accommodation, higher education is costly, and a lot of students’ families cannot afford to pay for this themselves; hence many young people opt for financial assistance.

So, whether you’re looking to contribute towards your education or are just looking to make some extra cash on the weekends or whenever you’re not at a lecture, here are five jobs you can do.

1. Service worker

Restaurants often have full and part-time staff. During the busy holiday seasons these businesses hire extra pairs of hands to help. If you are located near restaurants, be sure to ask if they have any vacancies, if not, ask them to contact you when they do.

2. Tutor

Getting a tertiary education means you have all the valuable knowledge gained by doing Matric, and you understand how to apply yourself to your studies, and what methods work and do not work. Using this experience, you can tutor Matric students, although your tutoring may not be limited to Grade 12.

3. Research assistant

Companies and research teams frequently need assistants to help with gathering and analysing information. This could include places like hospitals, consulting firms, or universities. You can search online for these types of jobs.

4. Au pair

An au pair helps with childcare in a family and is provided with boarding space. As an au pair you can save on paying accommodation fees whilst also getting paid. Due to the volume of tertiary assignments and tests, you can choose a family with a child from the age of 10 awho is relatively independent so that you can have time to study.

5. Social media assistant

Gen Zs and Millennials love social media. If you know these various platforms in and out, you can broaden your skills by becoming a social media assistant. You can start by offering your service to small businesses, gain experience, and take it further.

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