4 new summer alcoholic beverages to try before the season ends


The best way to cool down mid-summer is with a cold beverage.

Below are four new summer sips that will, no doubt, quench your thirst. You have to try these drinks before the summer ends!

1. Scottish Leader supreme

Late last year, the Scottish Leader introduced a new variant to the South African market, the Scottish Leader supreme.

Scottish Leader supreme whisky is held in high regard worldwide, declared a master in its category at the 2021 Global Scotch Whisky Masters competition, where it was awarded a prestigious gold medal.

The whisky is of superior rich smoothness, with sweet and smoky flavours, benefiting from more malts and older whiskies.

The whisky high-ball is a simple, classic, and popular way to enjoy the supreme leader. Here’s a quick recipe.

Perfect serve: The high-ball


50ml Scottish Leader whisky,

Mixer (clear)

Ice (large cubes)

Lemon wedge.


Add ice to the glass, add the whisky and mixer, then stir. Add a squeeze of fresh lemon and garnish with a lemon wedge.

2. UNFLTRD canned wines

Cape Town-based Nice Beverage Company also recently launched UNFLTRD canned wines with two distinct and refreshing flavours: Skin Dry White, which is a blend of Chenin and sémillon with a unique caramelised flavour, and the Dry Rosé, which has classic berry flavours up front and a lifted hint of candy floss in the finish.

With a low alcohol volume, these two products aim to please with the purity of fruit and minimal sulfite additions.

“Alongside the South African launch in December, we’re excited about reaching broader markets in the US and across the African continent.

“This is really exciting for us as a business and as a brand as we’re super focused on change – our approach to wine-making, our into-market delivery, and our target market.

“So often, South African wine brands, in my experience, don’t take the audience on the continent seriously. We are definitely very serious about exploring and being able to be available in all these key cities around the continent, whether it be Accra, Nairobi, Luanda, Maputo, Lagos, or Addis – wherever we want to be as an African brand, that’s proud to represent what is coming out of South Africa,” said one of the company’s founders, Hardy McQueen.

3. Caribbean Twist

Caribbean Twist is a convenient way to enjoy the delicious taste of cocktails anywhere and any time.

It requires no bar skills or equipment and zero fuss to ensure the perfect cocktail every time without a long list of pricey ingredients.

The range of six tropical fruit spirit coolers is made with the finest superior white rum and contains only 5% alcohol, making it an easy-sipping drink of choice. All you have to do is simply chill and serve ice cold.

Made with a blend of pineapple juice, coconut, and rum, the pina colada is an all-time favourite. Additional flavours like the tropical punch, pineapple daiquiri peach paradise, and strawberry and watermelon ensure the perfect taste and flavour for every occasion and palate.

4. KIX spritzer

The spritzer market is trendsetting and dynamic. It follows consumer preferences, lifestyle, and personal celebrations more closely as compared to most others.

The market invites young and new drinkers who are not accustomed to the taste of wine. It appeals to young consumers with a crispier, more relaxed, and smoother taste, and this has been evident this summer with the new KIX spritzer.

KIX spritzer is a fruit-flavoured alcoholic drink for flavour seekers. Available in a distinctive rosé raspberry peach flavour, it offers the perfect mix of fun and flavour so that you can express yourself any way you choose.

This sparkling happiness is easy to drink and tastes as good as it looks.

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