10 countries with world’s best quality of life

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If you are a traveller seeking interesting experiences and insights from your journeys, these countries are for you; countries that experience the world’s best quality of life.

A trip to these countries gives interesting insights into what makes these place tick; the report is made by Numbeo, taking into account a number of factors including – cost of living and purchasing power of citizens, affordability of housing, pollution (air, water, etc), crime rates, health system quality, traffic (commute times) and more.

1. Luxembourg

Luxembourg tops the list and scores very high for its citizens’ purchasing power, safety index, climate index and more indices. It also scores a happy low on other indices including pollution, cost of living and time spent on commute.

2. Netherlands

The Netherlands is at number 2 position in this ranking of 84 countries, with great scores for purchasing power and healthcare as well. It also scores when it comes to great climate and low pollution as well.

3. Iceland

There is no wonder that Iceland is one of the top three countries that enjoy great quality of life. During you trip here, you will find ample of evidences as the countries enjoys great weather, low commute time and pollution, and great healthcare services for its citizens.

4. Denmark

Denmark is another country that has its citizens enjoying high quality of living with great score for weather, climate conditions, low commute time, low pollution, great healthcare facilities, low house price to income ratio and more.

5. Finland

Finland is also a country that is known for its great quality of living, and is famed worldwide for perfectly balancing its modern-day advances with nature. Finns are also hailed as one of the happiest groups of people in the world, and rightly so.

6. Switzerland

Of course, Switzerland has to be in this list and stands at number six in Numbeo’s ranking of countries with best quality of life. The country has a very robust healthcare system and invests on its citizens, taking care of most basic needs. It also scores high for purchasing power, great climate conditions etc.

7. Oman

Oman stands at number seven in the list and promises its citizens great quality of life with low poverty rates, low pollution and commute time, robust healthcare, high purchasing power and more.

8. Austria

This charming country also has an equally alluring quality of life that is evident if you have ever travelled here. Its natural wonders and well-preserved natural sanctuaries combat pollution that is very low here. Austrians also enjoy high purchasing power, low crime rate, low cost of living and more.

9. Norway

Norway is at the ninth spot and is a rightful name in the list with its great quality of living that comes with wonderful climate, low pollution levels, low cost of living etc. It is also one of the safest countries in the world, ensuring its citizens a crime-free life.

10. Spain

Spain has clenched 10th spot in the list by Numbeo. If you have Spain on your bucket-list, you won’t have trouble in understanding why it is on the list. Citizens here enjoy great weather and climate conditions, low pollution and crime rates, low cost of living and traffic commute as well.

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