LYRICS: Sam Smith – Gloria


LYRICS: Sam Smith - Gloria
LYRICS: Sam Smith – Gloria


Demons on my shoulder

Monsters in my head

Shadow in the water

Will you be my friend?

The world revolves around me

As I lay in my bed

Dreaming of more, more


Be yourself so loud tonight (Mmm, so loud)

They’ll hear you from the stars (They will hear you from)

Sparkling like dynamite (Sparkle)

If that is who you are (It’s who you are)

A hymn for Gloria (For Gloria)

For Gloria, Gloria

A hymn for Gloria (Gloria)

For Gloria, Gloria (Gloria)


Gloria (Gloria)

It’s all but a hymn for Gloria (It’s all a hymn for Glori—Glori—, Gloria)

It’s all but a hymn for Gloria (It’s for Gloria)

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