LYRICS: Rod Wave – Got It Right


LYRICS: Rod Wave - Got It Right
LYRICS: Rod Wave – Got It Right


(Pipe that shit up TNT)

Yeah, uh, uh, oh, oh-oh

I, I just been cool and out the way, you know

You know what I’m sayin’?

Out the way [?]

(Shaad got K’Rounds)

Oh, oh

Fifteen ways in here

Fifteen ways in here

Ayy, yeah, ayy

You know just in case you was wonderin’

You know

Yeah, yeah, listen


I put the city on my back, like a motherfuckin’ quarterback

Chasing after paper, I don’t care ’bout where the party at

In the Rolls dolo, gettin’ loaded off a party pack

Heard my dawg was hatin’ and I could’ve caught a heart attack

Say I did her wrong, but I still say she started it

Had my childish ways, either way you where my heart is at

Came a long way, me and my sister totin’ laundry bags

Writtin’ songs, foldin’ clothes at the laundromat

I used to wake up, walk to school, wonderin’ where my life was headed

I know my dreams coming ’cause I’m willin’ and I’m ready

Breakin’ in houses for the skrilla, I still regret it

Built this up from the ground, I promise I’ma protect it

Lookin’ over my shoulder every time I dot the door

Big ol’ pistol on my hip, a nigga play, he better know (Grah)

That if he play, he gotta go, I’ll see you later, adios (Baow, baow, baow, baow)

All I wanted was the dough, it ain’t no more kickin’ doors, I ain’t gotta live like that no more, oh

Them rappin’ songs made me a millionaire, yeah

And buildin’ homes gon’ make me a billionaire

Catch a case without a bond, let’s see who really care

See who really care

You know the city too little, you niggas too loud, the feds on the way, they say

A boy got hit with an indictment today, I pray

Everybody make it back home safe, I pray, yeah

You know the rap game so pussy, they ain’t wanna give me a chance

A nigga kicked the door down and forced ’em to let me in

Another tour confirmed, I get to see all my fans (Yeah)

Every night on the mic, four hundred and fifty bands

Well, damn (Damn)

You don’t understand

See it’s a cold, cold world, growin’ up so fast

I’ll tell you the story, you still don’t know the half

Early mornings and late night flights (Yeah)

Choppas and handguns protectin’ my life

Just to be standin’, fell so many times (Yeah)

Finally figured it out, finally got it right

Yeah, yeah-yeah, finally got it right


Just to figure it out, just to be a young nigga in this world

And to figure it out

I mean I’m still learnin’, I’m still

I still a lotta shit is fucked up

But I maintainin’ in this world, just to be livin’

You know bills paid, everything all good

You know growin’ up in this shit, I had to find myself

See what was for me, you know?

And I got my fans, I no longer shit is blessin’ me and I appreciate it

Finally got it right

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