LYRICS: Kodak Black – Kodak The Boss



Let me start this shit off right ’cause I can never be wrong

I tried to change my life, them people called me a clone

Took the top off, I ain’t drinkin’ nothin’ that I ain’t pour

I brought my own ‘za, I ain’t smokin’ nothin’ that I ain’t roll

Hold on, what happened to all that energy you had when I was gone?

You can say whatever you want, I know you hate that I’m home

Watchin’ out for opps when you the one I need to worry ’bout

Sometimes your best friend be your biggest hater all along

Sometimes your enemy be right there, playin’ up under your nose

They dissin’ you, but you act deaf ’cause it come out as a joke

On God, I lost some friends ’cause I was playin’ broke

Sometimes the way you plan is not how the end goes

I call it quits, find out my baby girl a big ho

I call her bitch, no questions asked, they just tenfold

Every time I come in town, everybody know

‘Cause niggas get to sprayin’ rounds and everybody out of the door

You know what’s goin’ down soon we get the low

You know soon we get the drop, niggas gettin’ dropped

My baby Jayla caught a murder and she in the box

I tell her keep her head up, make sure she do her squats

Mama lost her baby to the streets, he beat up the block

He ain’t dead, but she could tell that he love the block

2013, it was crazy, streets was gettin’ hot

And the niggas I looked up to had went to smokin’ flock

The SWAT ran in my nigga’s spot, they just took him down

He had an AR with the stock, so he couldn’t get a bond

I’ma beat the dope up ’til it lock and try to stretch me nine

On this explore page, think this where I’ma find my wife

I kept it real from the jump, fuck this music junk

But everything I touch bump, I must be number one

I’m fantasizin’ on my bunk ’bout a Bentley truck

Like, “If I cut my dreads, will Zendaya let me fuck?”

Like, “If I get a six-pack, you will let me hit that, huh?

Then I got pardoned by Trump, they tried to stay I skunked

Instead of congratulatin’, they hated, but I ain’t gave a fuck

Then I keep droppin’ until I caught the one platinum in two months

I don’t usually dwell on my success, but fuck it, I drop my nuts

Niggas in the studio with me right now the niggas who got my trust

Every time I failed, I prevailed, that’s why they call me a boss

If I learned a lesson from the situation, then I don’t call it a loss

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