LYRICS: Freddie Gibbs – Rabbit Vision


LYRICS: Freddie Gibbs - Rabbit Vision
LYRICS: Freddie Gibbs – Rabbit Vision


Yeah, feels like (Haha, hahaha)

Gotta pray for these niggas (Yeah), know what I’m sayin’ man?

You feel it?

I-I seened it, I seened it a mile away

But you know, I don’t hate you, I love you (J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League)

It’s not in my nature to hate you


Uh, our Father, Black Godfather, that’s my religion (Yeah)

You took an oath to this family, how you gon’ go against it?

These niggas snitchin’, I pray that my premonition misses (Damn)

A lot of shit, it broke my heart, but it fixed my vision (Yeah)

Use yo’ mama’ pot to make them grams lock

We was dirty kids in the project alley, fuck a sandbox

Passin’ out them samples early mornin’, givin’ handouts

Got a spot at Marshall town, we trapped it ’til we ran out

These diamonds come from pressure, nigga

Sometimes, I feel like we so dope just to impress a nigga

Man there’s so much beef within the gang, this shit be stressin’ niggas

And I put my set before the gang, like who gon’ check a nigga?

Now I’m talkin reckless nigga (Yeah)

Bridges get burnt, we livin’ turnt so niggas feelings get hurt (Bitch)

You was a snake right form the start but I ain’t feel it at first

I had yo back with rap you tried to get a deal, it ain’t work

Fronted you packs on top of packs and now you stealin’ the work

I’m glad I worked it out, the street shit almost fucked up my potential

And this rap shit bringin’ more enemies than friends, they out to get you

Talkin’ tough on social sites, this shit get real in the streets

We had a spat, I talked to Wack

Ain’t need the minister to settle no beef

Asa Tabarakallah, La Farrakhan, you know my religion (Yeah)

I took an oath to this shit and I never went against it (Never)

I started poppin’ and Lord and ‘nem started actin’ different (Fuck you, nigga)

A lot of shit, it broke my heart, but it fixed my vision

Carbon, that’s my dawg, I bust a slug for him (Baow)

Me and Jeezy still ain’t spoke in years, but I got love for him

Could’ve talked it out, but I spoke out, I let it get to me

Showed me I could be a fuckin’ boss, best thing he did for me

I needed the growth, too immature as shit, I needed to know (Yeah)

Back in them days, I used to have to take a G for a show

I put the heroin on my block, they had the weed and the coke

I’m takin’ chances with my life, I’d rather bleed than be broke, yeah (Be broke)

And that’s a fucked up mentality, but it stay with me (Yeah)

Matt got sent to boarding school, mama kept him away from me

Thuggin’, livin’ flagrantly, county court got a date for me (Come on)

I’m comin’ home, she leavin’ for service, I hope she pray for me

Now they can’t play with me (They can’t play, nah)

Treated Virginia Street like twenty-three hundred Jackson Street

I rapped myself up out the D (Yeah)

Had to switch the game on ’em (Yeah)

‘Cause every bullet that I send out, it might come back with my name on it

Freddie Kane

Cocked my hat, they showed me the handshake, yeah, he blessed me in it

Once I took an oath of this shit, then I never went against it (Bands)

Heard they out to get me, well, tell them bitches I get ’em missin’ (Get them missin’)

A lot of shit, it broke my heart, but it fixed my vision

Thuggin’ in that Aston, I’m clutchin’ the shifted lane switch

Droppin’ that LS in my Chevy, I push to start the engine (Yeah)

Heard these niggas snitchin’, I pray that my premonition misses (Yeah, yeah, yeah)

A lot of shit, it broke my heart, but it fixed my vision (Yeah)

[Outro: Joe Rogan]

Smoking is not permitted on this floor of the triple-S resort

Thank you for your consideration

Freddie Gibbs, what’s up? It’s Joe Rogan

Listen, I just landed in Vegas, my guy came through

I got mushrooms, I got DMT

I got Kevlar underwear and extra bullets

Let’s fucking go—

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