LYRICS: Flvme & Die Mondez – Vibezzzzz


LYRICS: Flvme & Die Mondez – Vibezzzzz
LYRICS: Flvme & Die Mondez – Vibezzzzz


[Verse 1: Flvme]

It was like 6 in the mornin’ at the airport with the Gs

Flight was booked for 10 and so we hit the ground at 3

And got a shuttle to the mansion, made some stops to smoke some weed

Got back on the road and landed right beside the beach

Backyard was the desert, that’s some shit you never seen

I had a foreign girl and she was doin’ magic on this D

Had some niggas tryna get me, sadly I’ve been hard to reach

And I ain’t even tryna flex, jus’ sayin’ that y’all don’t move like me

[Verse 2: Die Mondez & Flvme]

Winter hibernatin’, summertime we knock the top off

Strugglin’ niggas dissin’, I feel ’em, they tryna pop off

Cannot create a wave, so they lookin’ for one to hop on

Been about it and if they doubt it, then they can fuck off

Niggas hate it, the girls adore it like it’s a love song

Been a player, bitch I’ve been pimpin’ before I was on

1431 is the city a nigga come from (Yeah, it’s the city a nigga was born)


[Verse 3: Die Mondez]

Saucy nigga, North side PTA, pimpin’ in my walk

Why you think they pay me just to rap? Money when I talk

Hood bitch, she wan’ give brain, I said “That’s what I thought”

She just want a nigga that’s poppin’ off, don’t care what it cost

Please don’t take no snaps up in the stu’, niggas bitin’ the sauce

I can’t let my opps know how I move, I stick to the plot

Shoot my shot, had to take my chances, boy, this all I got

I know they pray I flop, niggas ain’t tryna see me on top, uh

Wavy baby, throw me on the beat I’m floatin’

My cup full of potent

What’s in the air? Nun’ but the gas I’m smokin’

Fuck your love I’m kosher

Niggas is chesty, talkin’ bout’ this and that, but we all know that bogus

Say my shit ain’t fire, must be crack

If you ask me I’m goated



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