Kendrick Lamar – Rich (Interlude)


Kendrick Lamar - Rich (Interlude)

Kendrick Lamar Rich (Interlude) LYRICS

[Verse: Kodak Black]
I learned in trapping in the business
Smart people making horrible decisions, you know?
Rich nigga, get my dick sucked after the show
I ain’t gonna lie, we were poor
A bunch of lost souls in survival mode
There wasn’t no way for us unless we find our own
Running the stores, kicking the doors
Nigga give me my glory
Nigga play with me, he ain’t gonna even [?] to tell the story
This the type shit we grew up out of
Everybody “gang, gang”
Those arе people that you grew up with man
Thе chain gang
And the [?] getting [?]
Niggas where you sleep
Niggas shit where you eat
Who would ever knew that I would become a fucking Kodak? Huh
Rap might be good but I’m still pumping gas in the hood
Chopping up [?] so they feel like Thanksgiving
Got the biggest snipers standing on that [?] gas, sliding [?] that
[?] for whatever, always knew that everything would get better
And the show got greater later
All the gang came from the elders like: “hear me now, me and my brothers will hear me now, now give the game back to the old head and respect come first, yeah, you know? Can’t be bad [?] the OG’s, ya gotta give us somewhat, you gotta come from something, ya gotta come from that, when you seen this coming [?] blessing. What you doing with Kendrick? What you doing with a legend? So what they call you when it’s all set and done we ain’t leaving empty handed, that’s when we gaming, that’s only gang, that’s all my dudes, pouring in their business as they fall through, making ends meet, daddy deadbeat, had to steal for a [?] or you can’t eat, you know? Poverty, [?] food, babies [?], now look at this shit, we own the property”


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