Yung Mal – Stay Down

Yung Mal - Stay Down

NLE Choppa makes an appearance in Yung MalR;s new music video for “Stay Down”.

Atlanta rapper Yung Mal is with the arrival of his new video single “Stay Down”.

The 21-year-old rising star is most popular for his work with Lil Quill as a component of the Gucci Mane co-marked couple Mal and Quill. Nonetheless, he’s attempting to make some clamor all alone, making progress with a year ago’s 6 Rings project, which included Lil Keed, Lil Gotit, Doe , and then some. Mal began for this present year in arrangement mode, preparing for another solid mission in 2021, which starts today with the arrival of “Stay Down”.

The pristine video features Yung Mal at his drippiest, shaking an orange air pocket coat, coordinating Yankees cap, and huge loads of gems around his neck. NLE Choppa shows up in the video, thus does Mal’s 1.5 Crew.

Tune in to the rising rapper’s new single beneath and let us know whether you’re playing with it.