YN Jay ft Lil Yachty – HAHAHA

YN Jay ft Lil Yachty - HAHAHA

Young Hip Hop music artist YN Jay and Lil Yachty are once again at it again on ÜHAHAHA.”

YN Jay isn’t the sort of rapper that you respect for his specialized ability or mindfully developed . The allure basically reduces to the sheer strangeness of his bars. What’s more, he’s in on the joke, as well. To such an extent that his most recent single is named, “HAHAHA” and banks off of his intense, strange, and regularly wrong bars. “Monstrosity bitch never had great dick, I finna bump this bitch,” he raps inside 30-seconds of squeezing play. “Monstrosity bitch neglected to put fuckin’ antiperspirant and came out on some stale smelling crap,” he proceeds with a surge of-cognizant conveyance. Conversely, Lil Yachty sounds zeroed in, regardless of whether he’s discovering irregular things to gloat about, for example, his DoorDash bill.

Yachty and YN Jay have recently worked together on “Dookie ” and “Visually impaired Em.” Check out their new track below.

Quotable Lyrics

for applause, got my clappin’
Ready for the fuckin’ studio, I keep rappin’
Fuck the rap game, I keep trappin’
Trap house beat out, I keep slappin’
Bitch suckin’ dick all night, got her knees ashy