Yella Beezy – Is You Fu*kin?


Yella Beezy - Is You Fu*kin?

Hotshot Dallas, Texas rapper Yella Beezy comes through to convey his fresh out of the plastic new single “Would you say you is Fuckin?”

From time to time, a rapper feels constrained to kick through the entryway and release a filth energized banger. Today, Yella Beezy comes through with “Is You Fuckin?” a x-evaluated single that makes itself known inside the explicitly charged opening lines. “Cleave the paper with him, that is some enormous dawg poo, every one of these tools wanna suck a major dawg dick,” he raps. “You can’t contact a n***a that is a major dawg, bitch.” Behind him, a minor-key piano instrumental establishes a strained pace, one that clarifies that Yella Beezy isn’t tiptoeing around when he poses the nominal inquiry.

Try not to get it wound, notwithstanding. Sex isn’t the solitary thing on Yella Beezy’s brain, as he’s fast to remind anyone hoping to test him that activities have outcomes. “Take shots at your medulla drop your noodle,” he cautions. “Push up on a bike with a ruger, cause him to get off/got a terrible bitch from Bermuda for certain coolers, she gon’ chill.” Check it out for yourself now, and sound off in case you’re burrowing what Yella Beezy is bringing to the table on this one.


Shoot at your medulla drop your noodle
Push up on a scooter with a ruger, make him get off 
Got a bad bitch from Bermuda with some coolers, she gon’ cool off